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The return of the Homegrown Garden Tour was a success!

After the tour's last appearance in 2012, the community gardeners were happy to receive visits from the greater Ukiah community.

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Four gardens opened their gates to the public last Sunday evening, August 30th. One garden, the State Street Community Garden, had been on the tour when it was still in it's first years. The other three, Village Circle Community Garden, Vinewood Park Community Garden, and the Arbor Youth Garden of Redwood Community Services, were all developed in 2014-2015.

Though they may have most of the same types of crops, each garden is incredibly unique. The garden tour allows community gardeners to share what makes the garden so valuable to them. The abundance of fresh vegetables, the sky high corn, pops of color from Zinnias and Sunflowers everywhere, and the smiling faces behind all the hard work! The food prepared by gardeners to share was diverse in every garden- many spicy and flavorful Salsa recipes, Baba Ganoush, Pesto and more!

What were the highlights? 

Village Circle has a brand new large hoophouse that will be the first opportunity for community gardeners in Ukiah to propagate their own plants in a large way and to increase the growing season. How many different types of Salsa did we get to try there? We lost count!

The Arbor Youth Garden, developed this summer for young adults at RCS to grow food for their healthy cooking classes and to donate to the Food Bank, had their premier showing of the garden at the tour.

Vinewood Park gardeners showed off their raised beds with tomatoes reaching towards the sky. They definitely take advantage of the vertical space! This garden also has one of the nicest perennial herb and flower gardens around the perimeter inside the fence.

State Street gardeners showcased the largest spread of different culinary tastes, including Nopales con Chicharron (google it!) a plate showing 8-10 different heirloom varieties of tomatoes, and fresh strawberry water. One of our oldest community gardeners, Don Salvador, shared his prized single corn stalk with 14 ears of corn, and beans longer than a shoe string!

Big Thanks to Our Sponsors:

Fetzer Vineyards, who recently donated $2,650 to the Gardens Project as part of our new partnership to receive 5% of Fetzer Community Wine Sales in Hopland. Want to know when the next sale is? Email winesale@fetzer.com to get on the mailing list.

Paradgim Shop, our fabulous host for the event, where we started the tour and finished it with a wine and music celebration! They have beautiful handmade jewelry, art, and eco-friendly clothing.

Village Books, who donated to sponsor the tour! Village Books, Village Circle garden- we are all part of the same Village!

Party Creations, Ukiah Natural Foods, and Schat's Bakery provided food and decorations for the reception of the garden tour.


The first community garden greenhouse in Ukiah at Village Circle! June 28 2015

Community gardeners and the Grange Farm School worked together to construct the greenhouse. Want to see more photos? Check out our Flickr!

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Check out the Mendocino County Local Food Guide which has information on what to plant and when, local farms, seed saving, educational opportunities, community and school gardens, farmers' markets, and much, much more!  


Thank you Fetzer!

Fetzer Vineyards has partnered with the Gardens Project to donate 5% of their Community Wine Sale Proceeds to community garden development. Community Wine Sales are held at Fetzer in Hopland every other month during the year. We are grateful for this new partnership that will provide funding for garden projects throughout the year!

Keep posted for the next wine sale!  Instructions are all here.

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