Mendocino County ReLeaf

Mendocino County ReLeaf (MCRL) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing and improving our urban and community forests in Mendocino County.

MCRL is dedicated primarily to the encouragement, promotion, and enhancement of healthy community forests in Mendocino County. Specifically, MCRL promotes public education through workshops, seminars, and the media to increase the public's understanding and knowledge of trees. MCRL encourages research and development by both public and private entities as to what makes a biologically healthy community forest. MCRL assists local communities in the formation of management plans to foster better management of their forests. MCRL plants and helps others plant trees to enlarge and improve community forests. MCRL also develops programs for the maintenance and survival of newly planted community forests.

MCRL supports community-based gardens with the planting and maintenance of fruit and nut trees.

  • For more information or to volunteer, contact Miles Gordon, President, at or call (707) 462-0244.
Planting Walnuts at Plowshares