Did you know that the average honey bee only produces 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime, but she can pollinate over a thousand flowers a day? At Gardens Project, we believe that every little contribution goes on to have an exponential impact in creating a sustainable and accessible local food system - we like to call it the Pollinator Effect.

Visit the blog to read stories of people who bring the Pollinator Effect to our communities.

Whether you're a busy bee or a butterfly, your contribution can have the Pollinator Effect too. Become a pollinator today and watch your impact grow!

Busy Bee

Busy bees provide valuable service to our communities through volunteer service. No matter your skills or ability level, your unique contribution is an essential part of helping the gardens grow. Visit our volunteer page for opportunities.


Gardens Project staff cannot do the work we do without the support of these vital pollinators. Butterflies contribute through resources and financial gifts which make our work possible. See below for ways to give a gift that will keep on growing.

What is the impact of your contribution?

The NCO Gardens Project relies on tax-deductible contributions from donors like you to continue supporting community gardens across Lake and Mendocino Counties.

Butterflies help families in our community E.A.T.

  1. Empower gardeners with leadership skills
  2. Create Access to new community garden spaces
  3. Teach everyone to grow and eat their own healthy, fresh produce.

All donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductible.

Do you have items or a service that you would like to donate? Please contact us here to see if it will come in handy.

Not sure what we might need? Here’s a list of resources and materials we consistently need:

  • Seeds, plant starts and functional tools
  • Gravel & woodchips for pathways
  • Untreated lumber for raised beds
  • Instructors for workshops

Replace a broken tool

Provide a scholarship for a gardener to grow food for their family for a year

Purchase fruit trees to diversify garden produce

Provide drip irrigation supplies and workshops to promote water conservation in the gardens

Build one new raised bed for wheelchair accessibility and “no bend” gardening

Build a greenhouse and empower gardeners to grow their own plant starts from seed

A monthly gift sustains the day-to-day operations of the Gardens Project mission and allows us to provide consistent support to our network of over 55 community gardens.