Garden Manager Guides

Are you a current garden manager in need of a little extra support? Check out the following documents for tips on managing your community garden with ease! If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know and we can help you find it!

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Need help working out conflicts in the garden? Check out our conflict resolution strategies here:


Garden Manager Checklist

Want a list of garden manager responsibilities? Check out our checklist here:


How to Organize a Work Party

Trying to plan a meeting? Check our guide on successful meeting management:


Safety and Vandalism

Is your garden experiencing crime or safety issues? Find out what you need to do to stay safe here:


Press and Publicity Contact Sheet

Have an event or accomplishment you want to share? Spread the word using our press and publicity contacts:


Enforcing Garden Contracts

Need help enforcing the rules? Here are some helpful tips:


Written Warning Forms

Need to give a warning? Use our handy written warning form:


How to Plan a Successful Meeting

Have a meeting coming up? Use these tips to make sure it is successful:


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